Who is skibur?

skibur is many entities on the net. skibur is a gamer, developer, youtuber, a rubiks cube, has an email, and the list goes on. skibur has been in 3rd world countries to help out. skibur has visited people in need of help, but who is skibur? I hope this site will help you understand how skibur started and how skibur helped the community. Enjoy! :D

How skibur was born

Once upon a time, in the year 1999, I decided to search for a handle. After multiple searches on different search engines, I found that "skibur" wasn't used at all. It was clear to me that "skibur" was never to be found. I remembered that I was holding a rubiks cube in my hand. The chances of a handle being a reversed word of "rubiks" was interesting. Until this day, everybody that I meet, ends up with a puzzle in their minds. To be continued (documents on the way)

Math of skibur

skibur + root = skiroot

skibur is (3 x 3 x 3) = 27 pieces/years old

(rubiks = (skibur = (sky + bur))) != skeebur


Well people have called me "skeebur", but its more like "skybur."

It really doesn't matter to me, but I pronounce it as "skybur."

Can skibur solve the rubiks cube?

skibur's fastest time is 32 seconds (Unofficial)

skibur's average is 42 seconds (Unofficial)

as of 05.30.2008


skibur ported pacman and hnb application for the Nintendo DS - DSLinux Project. skibur provided builds and pictures of pixil. So far it has been great to work with the developers of the DSLinux project. I'm looking forward to the newer developments of DSLinux.


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